Towards Outstanding Research Reviews

This research programme is funded by the Wellcome Trust Research on Research Awards (2019-2021) and aims to better understand how peer reviewers evaluate research proposals in grant funding applications.

Cognition beyond the classical information processing model: Cognitive interactivity and the Systemic Thinking Model (SysTM)

In this chapter , we propose a systemic model of thinking (SysTM) to account for higher cognitive operations such as how an agent makes inferences, solves problems and makes decisions. SysTM holds that information processing in thinking evolves …

Healthcare workers and flu vaccination

This research programme aims to better understand the levels of autonomous drive towards vaccination and vaccination advocacy among health care professionals.

Insight with hands and things

Two experiments examined whether different task ecologies influenced insight problem solving. The 17 animals problem was employed, a pure insight problem. Its initial formulation encourages the application of a direct arithmetic solution, but its …

Heuristics and biases in judgement and choice

This research programme focuses on the cognitive processes, heuristics, and biases which underpin judgements of risk and uncertainty, choices and hypothesis-testing.