Create your first R Markdown document


To create a RMarkdown document, you will need to have R Studio installed on your machine. For free download and installing instructions, click here.

If you are a KU student, you can access R Studio via the AppsAnywhere from a KU machine or your MyDesktop Anywhere. ×

Create your file

Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Install the RMarkdown package by writing the following code in the “Console” window (left): install.packages("rmarkdown")
  2. Load the R Markdown package by writing the following code in the Console window library("rmarkdown")
  3. Select File > New File > R Markdown...
  4. Enter My first Rmd document in the Title: field and your name in the Author: field”. screenshot
  5. Click OK and a new template markdown file opens in the top left winddow. screenshot
  6. Save your new .Rmd file.