BSci lab awarded funds from the South London Partnership to partner with Create4mentalhealth!

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

On 1st July 2021, we were awarded a Business Innovation Growth voucher to support our project entitled: “Combining professional creative content and behavioural science insights to boost engagement with Mental Health support among 18-25 year olds”

Gaëlle will work with a team including Mr Justin Howard, Create4MentalHealth CEO, members of the South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust Communications team and Mr Ashley Temple from Kingston School of Art on this project with the help of Ms Fanni Szigetvari who will be employed as a research assistant for three months.

The project aims to equip Create4MentalHealth’s with the tools and knowledge to collect behavioural insight data to inform the development and continuous improvement of its creative multimedia content. We hope this project will result in an enhanced production process for developing multimedia content, which will embed the collection of behavioural insights to identify the most effective content and form, and consequently, help Create4MentalHealth boost its impact on stakeholders.

We will conduct a pilot research study aiming to compare two draft versions of a multimedia asset aiming to encourage youth to access support for mental health issues via the collection of key behavioural analytics from Kingston Behavioural Science Lab (e.g., gaze behaviour through eye-tracking data, affective attitudes through facial expression data, social media sharing intentions, behavioural intentions to reach out for support). We will use the behavioural insights gained from the study to inform the development of two final professional assets which we will test in the field through Create4MentalHealth social media channels and compare through social media analytics.

Fanni Szigetvari
Fanni Szigetvari
PhD student & BeSci lab manager

I am a research associate within the TORR research project. As an aspiring Behavioural Scientist, I am interested in the psychology of human behaviour and decision-making, and in understanding people as they are, not as they ‘should be'.