BeSci Consulting

Behavioural Science and creative insights consulting services

Do you wish you would better understand your consumers, patients, or employees’ behaviours? Do you need help to nudge your key stakeholders to adopt different behaviours, make better choices, be more innovative to achieve your goals?

The BeSci consulting team can help you!

Examples of past services we have provided include:

  • bespoke data collection design to gather behavioural insights around health-related decisions (e.g., flu vaccination).
  • bespoke descriptive and behavioural analyses to map attitudes and behaviours and shed light on psychological barriers and motors for engaging in a particular behaviour.
  • bespoke implementation report including recommendations for evidence-based interventions to initiate behaviour change.
  • bespoke behavioural interventions to provide innovative evidence-based solutions to implement behaviour change.

Drop Gaëlle a line at and she will get back to you to discuss your needs and how we may be able to use behavioural data to help you tackle your behavioural challenges.

Alternatively you can book a mini-consultation by clicking on the pop-up button below.