Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau

Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau

Professor of Behavioural Science

Kingston Business School

Kingston University


I am a professor of behavioural science and director of research and enterprise for Kingston Business School. After studying at Paris Ouest University (1998, MSc Social Psychology) and the University of Hertfordshire (2004, PhD), I began my career as a lecturer in Decision Sciences at Leeds University Business School (2001-2004). I then worked as a lecturer in Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Toulouse (2004-2009) before joining the Psychology Department at Kingston University in 2009. I joined Kingston Business School as a professor of behavioural science in January 2016.

  • Peer-review judgment and decision-making
  • Problem-solving and creative cognition
  • Determinants of vaccine uptake
  • PhD in Psychology, 2004

    University of Hertfordshire

  • MSc in Social Psychology, 1998

    Paris-Nanterre University

  • BSc in Psychology, 1997

    Paris-Nanterre University

Latest news


  • Research interests and current opportunities to join the Behavioural Science and creative insights research lab are advertised here together with guidance for applicants.

I have also held a number of research leadership and citizenship roles:

  • 2021– Executive board member for the French Education and Research Network, French Embassy
  • 2021– President of the European Association for Decision-Making (
  • 2019–21 President-elect of the European Association for Decision-Making (
  • 2019– Director of Research and Enterprise, Kingston Business School
  • 2017 Guest Editor of a special issue on Vaccine Hesitancy in Vaccine, Elsevier
  • 2016–19 Director of Research (Department of Management), Kingston Business School
  • 2016– Head of the Decisions, Attitudes, Risk and Thinking group, Kingston Business School
  • 2016–18 Academic lead for the design of Kingston Business School Behavioural Science Lab (KU Pilot teaching rooms Project)
  • 2013– Associate Editor, European Review of Applied Psychology, Elsevier
  • 2012 Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Psychology, Elsevier
  • 2010-16 Head of the interdisciplinary Group for Decision, Thinking and Risk Research, Department of Psychology
  • 2008–14 Consulting Editor, International Review of Social Psychology, ADRIPS
  • 2004–11 Executive Board Member of the European Association for Decision Making

Outreach and knowledge exchange

My work has been mentioned in news outlets and blog posts

Selected Media and non-academic coverage

Consultancy and Knowledge transfer partnerships

  • 2021-22: Partnering with Charity Create4MentalHealth to examine how behavioural science can support social media campaigns aiming to support youth mental health.
  • 2021-23: Partnering with PromoVeritas Limited to establish an innovative consumer behavioural intelligence capability.


I’m the module leader for BH7308 Organisational Development and Change Management. Students design and conduct an industry-based project and provide recommendations to address a pre-existing organisational or behavioural change issue.

I also teach an introduction to behavioural science on BH6017 Psychology for Business and Management (Business UG), Behavioural science for business on BQ7801 Philosophy and Traditions of Management Research (MRes) and deciding, influencing, and negotiating on BH7579 Organisations & Management in a Global Context (MBA and Exec MBA).

I have contributed to the following teaching modules in the past:

  • BH5003 Research placement
  • PS4003 Historical and Philosophical Concepts in Psychology
  • PS7013 Social and Cognitive Insights into Human Behaviour at Work
  • PS7000 Psychology Dissertation
  • PSM430 Ergonomics and Human‐Machine interactions
  • PS2298 Cognitive Processes
  • PSM422 Perception & Cognition
  • PY0203Y Study Skills
  • PY0043Y Advanced ANOVA with SPSS
  • LUBS1195 & LUBS2195 Introductory Modelling for Management Studies I & II
  • LUBS1780 Research Methods for Human Resource Management
  • LUBS1871 Management Science

I have also undertaken a number of additional roles related to education:

  • MSc in Global Human Resource Management validation panel member
  • Behavioural Science Lab academic lead
  • Psychology MRes / Developmental Psychology MRes course leader
  • MSc in Behavioural Decision Science validation panel member
  • Student Experience Officer and NSS Champion
  • Psychology Education Committee Member (UG Chair, 2010 – 2012)
  • E-learning platform manager for Psychology (U. of Toulouse)
  • MSc in Occupational Psychology and MSc in Business Psychology validation and BPS accreditation panel member

Office hours

Please follow this link to book a meeting. You can choose between:

  • a quick update (15 min) if you have a question or want to share an update,
  • a progress/supervisory meeting (30 min) to discuss what was accomplished since our last meeting, what remains to be done, what we will focus on next, or
  • a problem-solving/decision-making meeting (1-hour) where we discuss a problem or come together to agree on a course of action.